12 Outrageous PR Stunts


Some campaigns just get a lot of attention. Ever wonder how yours can, too? Take a look at some of these outrageous PR stunts that spark some interest. Ragan Daily reported the top 12 PR stunts with tons of video, pictures, and all the good stuff that comes along with great PR

I want to point out a few specific examples of great PR including the pandas in Paris, the face from space, and Oprah’s giveaways.

First, let’s look at pandas in Paris. Wanna create some sort of buzz? Just put 1600 papier-mâché pandas in front of the Eiffel Tower to raise awareness of your organization and the issue you want everyone to know about. Just goes to show that thinking outside the box can really pay off…and putting the time and effort into a thoughtful campaign will pay off. Plus, the whole “strength in numbers” perspective will really make an impact. I guess the bottom line is: Want people to react? Plaster the image EVERYWHERE or in one concentrated area.

So another great PR campaign that I want to point out is the KFC face from space. The great thing about this is the fact that anyone from anywhere on earth can see such an amazing work of art. I mean, take the Great Wall of China for example. Obviously not everyone is Chinese, but as a member of the human race, we can all appreciate the grand effort it takes to construct something so magnificent and awe-inspiring. All I can say is: This is so cool!


And of course, you can’t fail to mention Oprah when it comes to PR. With her annual Christmas shows booked for years, she has the ploy to basically create an image, promote a brand, or do whatever she wants with a product; and this is great for the company sponsoring gifts. Who wouldn’t love a free car given to everyone in the audience? What?! Definitely go for the wow factor.


So I guess the theme for this would be “go big or go home” and the sky is the limit. Never underestimate the random acts of gigantic stunts provided by a PR campaign. It can make you stronger and create that extra buzz you need.


PR Ethics and the Law


Ethics is basically concerned with how we should live our lives and your moral obligation to stand up for what you believe. Oftentimes we find worlds colliding, questioning personal and professional ethics, and in the corporate world, it’s up to the PR practitioner to make the call. The main concern with media today is the question of the degree of honesty a person presents when reporting.

Dishonesty can definitely destroy your credibility.

I think today, bribery is a big issue to overcome, because people are always willing to pay someone off for saying or doing something specific. That’s why organizations like PRSA (Public Relations Society of America) promote responsibility in public relations. Core values set the standard for anything that happens and create guidelines to safeguard the industry. Dishonesty is easy to occur when trying to put “spin” on something, but it needs to be done in a way that upholds the truth and is not deceptive.

Different elements of the law keep PR practitioners accountable for they’re actions as well. Corporations are considered “public figures” because the actions of the company, as a whole, present a specific image to the public.

 Engaging in specific activities reflects the company and its values and can either help or harm those who come in contact with them.

 Laws against defamation, libel and slander, issues of copyright, and infringement all affect the day-to-day activity of a company’s decisions.

I think some of the biggest issues to overcome are trademark law and other regulations.

People want to create ideas based on ones that are already successful in hopes that they will be successful as well.

Even more, they create campaigns that are deceptive and misleading, all for the sake of making an extra buck. The Federal Trade Commission actually has jurisdiction over such campaigns and upholds companies to their duty to be honest. PR practitioners should be aware of their decisions and how it can affect the outcome of their business as well as the ones they’re supporting. In the process, ethical questions should be raised to determine if their actions support their own important values and standards.

Network Away!


So we’re all desperately trying to increase the number of followers we have on Twitter, or find new friends on Facebook, but your personal network is way more than a number. It’s really about whom you know and how you’ve established a relationship. That face to face contact, constant update through email kind of a person is more valuable to your work experience than the number of retweets you have in a day.

5 Tips to Stop Sucking at Networking on Ragan PR helped me refocus my energy in making a difference in the physical relationships I have actually built with professionals that I’ve come in contact with. These quick tips will help you better connect with people who have the same outlook on the job and are as willing to invest in you as much as you are into them.


1.) Personal Note: Handwritten means so much more than the old standby: email communication. What I’ve found is that a handwritten thank-you note goes above and beyond expectations and shows you really care and appreciate the work someone else has done for you. If you had a guest speaker at a meeting, if someone donated money or giveaways for a big event, let them know it hasn’t gone unnoticed!


2.) Use LinkedIn: The popularity of this site is growing fast and you can update your professional profile, as well as make new contacts and see what they’re doing.


3.) Keep a Networking Database: There are apps on your phone that let you keep track of your contacts and details about what they do. Little things like birthdays, favorite color, etc. are all important because it can help you connect with those who support you and who you’re supporting.


***QUICK TIP*** Try using a Google account to organize all your contacts! You can organize hundreds of email addresses, fax numbers, and other information you might need. You can even transfer multiple lists and it will organize it for you!

4.) Send Small Gifts for Achievement: Even if they’re not a client, stay up to date with their life and that will make your network strong. If someone is having a baby, send them a gift card and a note. It goes a long way if you can remember the small things.


5.) Create a Separate Facebook List for Your Closest Contacts: Organize people in your professional network. This will help you see their updates and correspond accordingly. Having them in the front of your mind will definitely help.

(PR PRO) When people post on social media


Yes, there is a science behind social media! Thanks to Kristin Piombino at Ragan PR for this great article and infographic: When do people share on social media?

Posted blog comment:

This is fascinating! I’m taking a PR class right now and we’ve been talking about the effectiveness of social media. As important as it is to brand yourself and be creative, there is an actual science behind posting updates, which I think many people can dismiss. Many times, people don’t understand why their posts go unread (and it’s not all in fact due to the timing), but it does help to be up to date with your information and give it to people at the right place and time. Thanks for the info!

(PR PRO) Marketing by Millenial Mafia

    1. relationsofthepublic on October 22, 2011 at 8:15 pm said:


Thanks for the great post! I love all things Kardashian and it’s definitely interesting to see how creative they are in branding themselves. The way we communicate with those around us is crucial, and understanding who we are is even more important. They definitely know who they are and that reflects in everything they do!
This is great information for any business as well. Constantly coming up with new ideas and being a part of any conversation is the key to survival.

Special thanks to: Millenial Mafia for this awesome post! They’re great with blogging about social media…go check them out!

Keeping Up With the Kardashians!


I must admit that I am a huge fan of the Kardashian clan; following them on Twitter, watching their reality shows, and even checking out their blogs once in a while; and I was so excited to see this article called 4 Ways Thinking Like Kim Kardashian Could Land You Your Next Job on Ragan PR.

So what is it about them that make them so irresistible?

Well they’ve got it down to a science, the way they market themselves and the way they have been able to create a mega-following. Maybe we can learn a few things from Miss Kim herself for ways to help us build a campaign, land a job, or just get some good old-fashioned PR into the global community.

  • Brand yourself: How do you want people to perceive you? Show everyone that you’ve got what it takes and make yourself stand out. In the PR world, spin can be everything…and it what you do, how you carry yourself that people will notice.
  • Message, not medium: Be a part of every conversation and establishing your brand first will help you with your weight in those conversations. Do people really want to hear what you have to say? Make it count!
  • Expand your social network: Make sure you’re part of the conversation on so many different levels. Whether it’s attending a career fair, hosting a 5K, or just updating a Facebook account, put yourself out there!
  • Kreativity is key: Sure, we all know about Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media outlets, but try to think outside the box with the way you communicate. You can always find a new following. Leave no stone unturned. Take the world by storm!

 It’s basically about taking ownership of what you have and using it to propel forward. This advice is great in any aspect of life, whether it’s on the job or at home. The way we communicate with those around us is crucial, and understanding who we are is even more important.

Measuring the Campaign


Soooo, how exactly do you measure Public Relations? Ragan PR had a great article called 7 Ways to Make Measurement Fun.

Sure, analyzing data, making graphs, etc. can prove to be efficient while evaluating a PR campaign, but what is it that makes it effective? Being creative is number one, especially with as many social media connections you can make and with the way everything is intertwined.

Some of the tips include little things you can do along the way to make sure you’re being effective:

1.)    Celebrate small successes.

2.)    Humanize the reporting.

3.)    Visual humor.

4.)    Report the impact.

5.)    Cut the salami in smaller pieces.

6.)    Create a musical piece.

7.)    Make the report tactile.

Reporting on outcomes, rather than inputs and outputs are what really will give you the results you’re looking for.

An input is everything you put into a project or campaign (think resources). An output is what you do to make sure you’re on track (think pre/post test).

 An outcome is what you want the outsiders to gain from coming in contact with your campaign. What was the purpose? Were people supposed to feel empowered, then take action to do something specific?

 I think it helps too, to start reporting on progress during the campaign and let people know how it’s progressing. Seeing results can encourage others to take part and you can have fun building something bigger than what you expected.