Top 10 Things I Learned in PR


1.) Who you follow on Twitter is more important than who follows you.

2.) Writing is key! If you are posting a blog or writing a press release, spell check can be your best friend. Your writing will reflect who you are and what you represent.

3.) Keep your network alive.

4.) Your relationships are your most important asset. 3 and 4 kind of go together. Staying in contact with your professional peers can prove to be your biggest source of learning and success. Get tips from them! Remember them!…and you’ll see your career soar because of their insight.

5.) Blogging can be difficult! Truth be told, I do not like keeping myself accountable for posting every week! But I’m trying to get better and post more when COMM2322 is over!

6.) PR = Marketing….NOT!

7.) Stay fresh. Follow the news, check the latest tweet from your partners, and become savvy! With the way everyone is becoming so socially aware of what’s going on, you want to stay current to be a part of any conversation.

8.) You can be successful in a crucial conversation. Consider who you’re talking to and decide what tactics will help you reach your goal.

9.) Keep blogging!

10.) This is just the beginning. You are never over with research, staying updated with news, finding contacts…so keep going!



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