Take me out to the ball game…


We love a great football game, don’t we? Or what about the World Series? It’s always amazing to hear someone taking a weekend trip to watch their alma mater play in a big game…..

So what exactly do we have to learn from sports about PR?


Keeping scores and rivalries and donning the championship apparel is what keeps the spirit alive – so don’t forget to do the same in PR. Taking care of your “fans” really helps in building your network and in keeping your vision alive.

Also, building that sense of community will help in creating the brand image for your clients. That ownership is essential to any community…think about it. What helps you bond with others? Is it your mutual love for Starbucks? Or maybe a certain TV show? Or is it most likely your love for all things Ohio State? And why is it that you love those things? Because you have some sort of emotional tie, whatever, and it can help you relate to others on a different level. This is cool. So why not play up on that?

Bottom line: In the PR process, please, please, please, don’t forget the ones who keep you going and who have started it all. They’re just as good as your newest followers and you should take care of them and remind them of why they fell in love with you in the first place.

Check out this article courtesy of Ragan PR about the importance of remembering your fans.


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