Another speech?


So this is somewhat of a continuation of my post about making an awesome PowerPoint; only this time, I think I should mention the fact about making a great speech to go along with that PowerPoint presi.

We all know it’s one thing to WOW everyone with great graphics, video clips, and a crisp presentation, but it’s totally different when the presenter opens their mouth and turns you off by being boring.

Use the power of story: Whether it’s a short joke, a real life experience, or an actual news story, tell it! I think this makes your presentation so much more dynamic and it helps your audience relate to you. I mean, how funny is it when you hear some speaker talk about a life crisis and it so happens that you’ve been through the same exact thing?!

Plus, if you need a great opener, telling a story can help grab the attention of your audience. You can always give some insight as to how your story relates to what you’re going to be talking about.

Use the tactics of other speakers: It’s okay to make a spin off from what someone else has done! If you like a particular way someone transitions from point to point, try to use that same style to help the flow of your presentation. If you like the idea of ending your presentation with a video clip, then end it that way!

There’s a great conference coming up in March in Washington D.C. called the 2012 Speechwriters and Executive Communicators Conference. You might want to research some of the speakers who will be there and might be able to learn a few tips!

You can always learn from what great speakers do. Look at some of the great speakers of the past. JFK is a great example of someone with PASSION. Be enthusiastic about your topic. Be excited so your audience is excited!


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