Please Don’t Panic.


Courtesy of Ragan PR, here are some more great tips for small business owners, or small PR agencies: When business is slow, don’t panic – try these 4 activities. This article was written by Dan Lyons, president of Lyons Public Relations, and blogger at The Radio PR Guy.

Sometimes it’s hard to stay focused when things aren’t going as planned, but keep your chin up and make use of the extra time.

So here they are:

1.) Do the desk drawer dig.

You never know who you’ll find when you look through old cards and contacts.Rekindle relationships and it may bring you some unexpected business. Or just see what they’re up to…the important thing is to remember you’re not making a sales call.

2.)   Network out of your industry.

Even if it makes you a little nervous, just do it! Attending a seminar or big event can help you connect with others to share ideas and look for other opportunities.

3.)   Think!

Take this opportunity to look at the big picture. Yes, you have projects to finish and deadlines to meet, but it wouldn’t hurt to take a step back and analyze your company as a whole. Plus, this little period of down time could help you in reestablishing your company identity.

4.)   Take a chill pill.

Realize that every business, every industry, every EVERYTHING has its ups and downs, so just relax. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Hmmm, so bottom line, don’t freak out. And this advice is good for anything, no matter what business you’re in, or whether you’re looking for a job, or really no matter where you are in life. Look at it as more of an adventure, than just a wall in your way that you can’t get over.


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