PR Pro Interview


Recently, I had the opportunity to phone interview Nikki Smith, President of ASAP, Advertising Services and Printing. She graduated from Polk State College with a degree in Business Administration – Marketing and loves to help others communicate what they want to the public arena. I personally know her from church, and knowing her schedule is absolutely crazy, I’m so happy I had a few minutes to speak with her about what she does on a regular basis.

Although mainly a marketing services company, Nikki faces the challenges of any PR practitioner, as their products must conform to the guidelines set by each company they represent.

With multiple projects throughout the year, ASAP promotes the campaigns of several companies throughout the central Florida area. One of the biggest challenges they face in promoting campaigns is adhering to legal verbiage and legal stipulations placed by the company.

Asking if writing was a key component to her job, she responded with a big “YES!”

Companies give them the scope of their projects and goals as well as a “creative brief” to brainstorm ways to work around different rules and regulations. Throughout the process, ASAP works closely with the company’s marketing department to ensure the right message is being broadcasted to the public.

One thing that stuck out in our conversation was her enthusiasm to stay connected and relevant with the outside world. She mentioned that reading, attending events, and networking with others are so important to becoming successful and helping sustain your edge in the market. Sometimes we can get lazy, but the passion for your job is what can really keep you going.


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