Measuring the Campaign


Soooo, how exactly do you measure Public Relations? Ragan PR had a great article called 7 Ways to Make Measurement Fun.

Sure, analyzing data, making graphs, etc. can prove to be efficient while evaluating a PR campaign, but what is it that makes it effective? Being creative is number one, especially with as many social media connections you can make and with the way everything is intertwined.

Some of the tips include little things you can do along the way to make sure you’re being effective:

1.)    Celebrate small successes.

2.)    Humanize the reporting.

3.)    Visual humor.

4.)    Report the impact.

5.)    Cut the salami in smaller pieces.

6.)    Create a musical piece.

7.)    Make the report tactile.

Reporting on outcomes, rather than inputs and outputs are what really will give you the results you’re looking for.

An input is everything you put into a project or campaign (think resources). An output is what you do to make sure you’re on track (think pre/post test).

 An outcome is what you want the outsiders to gain from coming in contact with your campaign. What was the purpose? Were people supposed to feel empowered, then take action to do something specific?

 I think it helps too, to start reporting on progress during the campaign and let people know how it’s progressing. Seeing results can encourage others to take part and you can have fun building something bigger than what you expected.


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