Keeping Up With the Kardashians!


I must admit that I am a huge fan of the Kardashian clan; following them on Twitter, watching their reality shows, and even checking out their blogs once in a while; and I was so excited to see this article called 4 Ways Thinking Like Kim Kardashian Could Land You Your Next Job on Ragan PR.

So what is it about them that make them so irresistible?

Well they’ve got it down to a science, the way they market themselves and the way they have been able to create a mega-following. Maybe we can learn a few things from Miss Kim herself for ways to help us build a campaign, land a job, or just get some good old-fashioned PR into the global community.

  • Brand yourself: How do you want people to perceive you? Show everyone that you’ve got what it takes and make yourself stand out. In the PR world, spin can be everything…and it what you do, how you carry yourself that people will notice.
  • Message, not medium: Be a part of every conversation and establishing your brand first will help you with your weight in those conversations. Do people really want to hear what you have to say? Make it count!
  • Expand your social network: Make sure you’re part of the conversation on so many different levels. Whether it’s attending a career fair, hosting a 5K, or just updating a Facebook account, put yourself out there!
  • Kreativity is key: Sure, we all know about Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media outlets, but try to think outside the box with the way you communicate. You can always find a new following. Leave no stone unturned. Take the world by storm!

 It’s basically about taking ownership of what you have and using it to propel forward. This advice is great in any aspect of life, whether it’s on the job or at home. The way we communicate with those around us is crucial, and understanding who we are is even more important.


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