Enough Already With the Bad PowerPoints!


Whoever you are, by now you are more than likely to have experienced some sort of presentation that required you to use PowerPoint. And don’t we all sort of cringe when we hear the need to present a project to a group of our peers? Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. Whether it’s the fact that you don’t like to talk in front of people or whether it’s the fact that you don’t like to hear how boring others talk in front of you, please have hope!

Ragan PR  has listed the top three PowerPoint annoyances. Are you guilty of any of the three?

  • Reading directly from slides
  • Using long paragraphs instead of short bullet points
  • Using super small fonts

So what’s the verdict? Guilty as charged?


Check out this great video with some tips for making an awesome presentation:

Here are a few of my own tips for when you’re presenting:

Relax if you feel the need to put every single lit bit of information you know onto a slide. The purpose of a PowerPoint is to aid you in your presentation, not talk for you. Keeping it simple can help your audience (and you) stay on track, but the purpose of a presentation is for YOU to present the facts. That’s why you’re standing up there, duh!

And bring a little excitement to everyone! You know exactly how it feels to have to sit and listen to someone trying to make a point and try to keep yourself awake, so don’t give other people a reason to treat you like that either. Go ahead and a song to the background. Go ahead and do something a little crazy. If it helps you get your point across, dress up as someone else or where something silly.

We’re so tech nowadays and I don’t really think there’s a reason why we should have to sit through another boring, pointless presentation. I mean, c’mon, let’s step up to the plate and deliver. And let’s get excited about what we’re sharing!


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  1. Before I knew anything about presenting and making a PowerPoint presentation, i would just put all my information that I wanted to say on the slide. Then when I went to make my presentation, I would read directly from the slide. When I saw others do this I realized how boring it was and then thought that my presentations probably were the same. Now, I would like to believe that I know how to give an effective presentation, but there is always room for improvement. Thanks for the great tips!

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  3. I loved this blog post of yours! I am actually giving a power point presentation soon and this was a nice little reminder how to give a great presentation. I have definitely had those professors that are boring and just read from the slides and I think to myself what is the point? I liked how you used a video clip in your post. It really enhanced it and made your post fun and enjoyable! Great post!!

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