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Since we’ve already talked about whether or not a new PR practitioner should take a job in a PR department or a PR firm, so now we’re going to talk about some 5 hot new jobs in social media on the rise, thanks to Ragan PR.

With social media on the rise, businesses are realizing the importance of social networking and staying connected.

Here’s a small rundown of these up and coming jobs:

1.) Community Manager: Maintain discussion in social media communities.

2.) Social Analytics Manager: Monitor web info and show businesses how to take action on it.

3.) Social Business Risk Managers: Work out ways to respond to internet flare-ups and other info that hits the web.

4.) Social Customer Service Manager: Create new products by involving customers in the process.

Being a social customer service manager would be fun. Coach recently had a “design the next tote” contest. Genius!!! The more people are involved with the process, the company, the more they are going to want you! Plus with the way everything is so interactive today, people want to be involved in the process. It’s cool…It’s letting them have a special connection or a special ownership and helps them seek ways to make your brand their brand. Everyone has what makes them unique and if you can help them do that and help you help them, then everybody wins.


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  1. Great post, Carmen! I love it when companies try to get me involved in the process of designing a product I want to buy. Getting more feedback from the customers who give them consistent business is indeed genius.

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