So by now we’ve discussed the fact that public relations are a way of creatively communicating. Some people though, have absolutely no clue exactly what that means. Here’s a rundown from Ragan\’s PR Daily of what 7 PR myths that must be demystified :

1.) PR is advertising lite.

2.) PR is cheap.

3.) PR is publicity

4.) PR is about pushing content.

5.) PR drives sales.

6.) PR is about press releases.

7.) PR isn’t measurable.


Now PR can be seen as pure publicity and advertising, but in actuality, it does SO much more than just develop media coverage.

It digs deeper into issues to comfort and aid its customers and helps create foundations for stronger relationships.

Public relations tell a story…two stories to be exact. One is the story of the organization. The other is the story of those who are influencing that story with ideas and experiences.

And we all know that marketing and PR have some major differences too. For example, marketing identifies and satisfies customer needs, while public relations is what really adds value to an organization. It’s sad that marketing, advertising, and even journalism are grouped together with public relations.


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Short girl...but not short in opinion. She's a dedicated student willing to share the joys of Public Relations to you, yes you! See what she's up to in "Relations of the Public" and you're sure to find yourself stuffed with so much information, you'll feel compelled to impress your friends with this new found knowledge.

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