Just hit “Spell Check”


Okay, so not everyone has been in a spelling bee, then yet again I’m pretty sure a majority of us have been to school (unless you’ve skipped class WAY too much). I understand we all can’t be spelling superstars, but it causes me to seriously question what social media has done to us who thrive on it. Here’s a list of some of the most commonly misspelled words in America:

Please keep in mind that these are just the top 15…which I can’t refrain from mentioning the infamous text lingo everyone is using outside of the “texting” world. This mysterious lingo creeps its way into our daily lives and I catch myself relentlessly pressing the delete button on my keyboard when I’m typing up an email.

Are we so obsessed with modifying everything to being quick and easy but leaving key components out of the substance of our lives? Am I being a little extreme, maybe? But I think as a whole, we should try to be a little more word conscious and bring back the power of the vernacular…or at least hit spell check before we send any important emails.

P.S. If you’re interested in spelling words the right way or even expanding your vocabulary, check out Dictionary.com.


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  1. I’m glad you posted something like this because I’m with you Carmen, we all need to be more conscious of our vocabulary. Someone may be the brightest person in a company, but if they send out an email or memo with spelling errors, they look pretty unintelligent. Even if it’s not a high paying business person, but just a college student, spelling errors never look good. And even though spell check is a nice tool, it doesn’t cover errors like then/than, two/too/to, their/they’re/there, etc.

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