Tackling That Tough Subject…


Dealing with a difficult conversation can be something you don’t want to tackle, but there are ways to make it easier and ways to get better results when communicating with others. Here’s what I learned:

– Be sure to gather all your facts before speaking with someone. This will help you stay on track and guide the conversation if it gets out of control. The last thing you want to happen is to start an argument and veer away from the real issue.

– After having a difficult conversation, do some follow up! Take the extra effort to track the progress of the situation or solution and make sure the other person has fully understood what you talked about.

– Knowing your style of conflict resolution is important. No matter how you tend to deal with issues, sometimes it’s not the right way. My style is collaboration and I had the thought that it was the best way to deal with everything…but it turns out I was wrong. Depending on the situation, try to recognize what will work best to manage the topic.


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