So What is Public Relations Anyway?


PR: creatively communicating with others outside your organization

Public relations aren’t just a way of communicating, but are a way of communicating vision and goals, and a way of creating a face for your organizations that accurately represents it. It is a way to work with others outside of your organization to effectively stay consistent with its vision and ethics, all while building relationships.

Oftentimes, what you see is what you get and public relations are the same way. Remember that what you say is just as important as how you say it. Being thoughtful in your communication will help you speak to your audience and engage them in a way that builds trust and integrity within your community. Being sterile is the last thing you would want to do because it shows that you don’t want to take the time with others who are interested.

Be interactive! Be creative! Think “personal relations” not “public relations.”

Different ways to establish a good public relations relationship with the outside world depends on your willingness to support those who support you. Like I said before, show them you care. And above all, are you willing to think outside the box and go beyond what anyone thinks you have to offer?

Just a side note: I don’t know about you, but when I think of public relations, I think of how an organization shows their heart. Not only should they show me that they are doing things, but can they show me why? Can they think beyond themselves and use their resources to help others in need throughout the world?

~ ~ ~

So, public relations. Relations of the public. Whatever you may call it, this is no game. Serious questions any organization should include are these:

  • Who are we?
  • What do we believe? What do we stand for?
  • How can we help others capture the big picture we’re trying to create?


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